Judaism is known for its emphasis upon the sacredness of everyday life. Over the centuries, the rebbes, rabbis, scholars, and spiritual teachers of this tradition have taught about the importance of intentions, rituals, and the duties of the heart. They tell us that through study, prayer, and good deeds, our relationship with God is deepened and nourished. Most appropriate for our times is the Jewish concept of "tikkun olam" or repairing the world. This rich and varied religious tradition has much to offer us as we continue to seek fresh ways of being and serving in the places where we live and work.

This e-course consists of 40 emails, which you will receive in the early morning. Each contains a thought-provoking and soul-stirring quotation from a Jewish teacher to reflect upon during the day. Each also includes a suggestion for how you can practice devotion, faith, justice, reverence, and other essential Jewish ideals.

This is not a course in the history of Judaism or a summary of its basic teachings. Instead you will gain access to some of the leading Jewish teachers of our time — Lawrence Kushner, Shoni Labowitz, Harold S. Kushner, Rami M. Shapiro, Rodger Kamenetz, Edward Hoffman, Michael Lerner, David Wolpe, and many others — through passages from their writings and links to reviews of their books. This e-course will connect you to resources you can use on your spiritual journey as well as spiritual practices you can do as you go about your daily activities.

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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