Contentment begins with satisfaction with who you are and where you are in your life. It is not a word that we hear used much these days. But deep inside many of us is a yearning for this path which takes within its embrace simplicity, gratitude, equanimity, being present, and freedom from wanting. Contentment comes with spiritual maturity. It's not something that is achieved in one transformative moment. It must be discerned afresh every precious day of our lives.

We encounter roadblocks to contentment all around us. Our consumer culture is built upon our being dissatisfied with what we have so we constantly seek something more, better, or different. We can easily get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and feelings of entitlement. Many of us find it difficult to let go of the past; others are always planning and thinking about the future; both impulses make it difficult to be content with what is happening right now. And everything from personal challenges to world events make it difficult to sustain a deep and profound inner peace.

During this 21-day adventure you will learn how to cultivate the spiritual art of contentment. Robert Johnson defines contentment as "being at home with what you already contain"; he goes on to point out that its realization is "an active and dynamic process." Emailed lessons will shed light on this process using the writings of Robert Thurman, Robert A. Johnson, Brenda Shoshanna, Anthony de Mello, Hugh Prather, Robert Atwell, Robin Meyers, Rick Hanson, Philip Gulley, and others. Suggestions for reflection, discussion, and practice will encourage you to incorporate this wisdom into your daily life.

Recovery programs say that it takes three weeks — 21 days — to break a bad habit or to start a new practice. The 21 emails are designed to give you the tools to cultivate contentment every day.

(3 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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