The inimitable Thomas Keating is one of the foremost teachers of contemplative practices in the Christian tradition. One of S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers, he is a Trappist monk, a co-founder of the Centering Prayer movement, a prolific and accomplished author, the spiritual guide of Contemplative Outreach which has groups around the world, and a pioneer in the multifaith movement to foster understanding among the world's religions.

With these many gifts of the Spirit, Fr. Thomas is the ideal spiritual teacher to guide and inspire us as we travel together during the holy season of Lent. This e-course was originally presented during Lent 2013. For this on-demand version of it, we are keeping all the emails: Days 1 - 40 for the 40 days of Lent, plus Ash Wednesday, the Sundays in Lent, and Easter. In all there are 47 emails that will take you on a journey of transformation to change your ways of thinking, being, acting, and relating to our strange and wonderful world.

Similar in format to other S&P e-courses on the master teachers, each email consists of a short excerpt from one of Thomas Keating's books chosen by leaders Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat. A related practice or reflection question is then offered to encourage you to apply the teaching to your life. The "Sunday" emails link to short videos of Fr. Thomas.

The Christian contemplative tradition is rich with extraordinary insights and spiritual practices related to faith, grace, silence, communion with God, peace, and personal renewal. For Lent — or any other time of the year when you want to do a retreat — Thomas Keating has the keys to open you to fresh habits of prayer, new avenues of Divine connection, and oneness with others. To register, just click on the "Subscribe to E-Course" button below.

To take this e-course for Lent, schedule it to begin on Ash Wednesday and choose the daily frequency.

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