Lawrence Kushner is a master teacher of mysticism, storytelling, and discovering the sacred in everyday life. He has been dispensing the deep wisdom of sacred texts and spirituality for 30 years as a rabbi, writer, lecturer, and teacher. He is recognized as one of the most creative religious thinkers in America and is profiled on Spirituality & Practice as a Living Spiritual Teacher.

Kushner's vocabulary of faith offers refreshing insights into our relationship with God. For example: Living responsibly means respecting the ties that bind us together. Blessings are ways to "ritualize our love of life," politics is "the repair of creation," and wealth is a function of generosity so "the more you give, the richer you feel." One of the things we like most about this imaginative spiritual companion is that he consistently helps us to see ourselves as participants in a sacred story.

We invite you to discover your place in this sacred story by spending time with Kushner's wisdom, wit, and practices through this e-course in our popular "Practicing Spirituality" series. You will receive 40 emails, each with:

• a passage from one of Kushner's books,

• a link to the review of the book where we found it, and

• a practice suggestion based on the passage.

• plus access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference with Lawrence Kushner, held when this e-course was first offered in October 2013.

Throughout this e-course, we use Kushner's teachings as a means of mining the meanings of ordinary people as Messengers of the Most High, ways of repairing the broken world, dealing with interruptive thoughts while in prayer, dancing the Hokey Pokey, staying attentive to the sacred things happening all around us, plumbing the depths of God as One, reciting blessings, making a place for Mystery in our faith, and much more.

Lawrence Kushner's wisdom has been heralded by spiritual readers and religious writers of all stripes, and people of all traditions and no tradition are bound to enjoy his universal approach. He grounds spirituality in everyday life, and then he constantly reminds us of its mysterious roots. "Core religious experience is beyond words and reason," he says. "That doesn't mean that its antirational, spaced out, or naval contemplating, but merely that the numinous transcends logic. To put it bluntly, if you can explain it, it ain't God."

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