For millennia, teaching stories have been used to convey the wisdom of the world's religions and spiritual paths. Sacred texts are full of them: the stories about God's activity in the Hebrew Bible, Jesus' parables about the kingdom of God in the Gospels, the epic accounts of the gods and goddesses in Hindu scriptures. From the oral traditions, we have tales about Buddhist teachers, Hasidic rebbes, Sufi dervishes, and Taoist masters; fables; fairy tales; even jokes.

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Co-Directors of Spirituality & Practice, love this genre of wisdom and have been collecting teaching stories from all the books they have reviewed over the years. In this e-course in S&P's popular "Practicing Spirituality" series, they share their favorites. These are stories whose characters and situations replicate relationships and patterns in our lives. They carry within them universal truths and evergreen applications to contemporary challenges.

This e-course consists of 40 emails, each presenting a teaching story along with a variety of ways to access and apply its wisdom in your daily life. These short stories:

• show us the consequences of our actions,
• introduce us to models of admirable behavior,
• enable us to rehearse life strategies,
• help us face our shadow and laugh at ourselves,
• teach us to respect the great mysteries, and
• motivate us to action.
Teaching stories are by their very nature open-ended so that you can put yourself in the story. A key question for every day of this e-course is: What is in this story for you?

Keeping with Spirituality & Practice's intention to provide resources for your spiritual journey, this e-course will give you wonderful stories of spirit that you can use in your own teaching, sermons, articles, and conversations with family and friends, including many that children will enjoy.

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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