Our pets exhibit a full repertoire of emotions and sometimes show caring and altruism that touches the heart. Still more admirable qualities are displayed by animals in the wild. They all are our teachers. Further, in countless stories, myths, and dreams, animals are wise elders, imparting wisdom about the world and hinting at the great mysteries of life.

This e-course explores the messages and meanings of these wonderful beings. We hope that the quotations and the accompanying spiritual practices in this 40-part adventure will lead you to deeper encounters with the animals in your life. We won't just be talking about dogs, cats, and gerbils. The birds of the air and the insects in the field are also companions on our spiritual journeys.

Each email will consist of a short quote about animals and a related practice suggestion to do with the animals you know or have known. We will draw upon the insights and life experiences of naturalists, essayists, and poets, including Diane Ackerman, Matthew Fox, Brenda Peterson, Thubten Chodron, Susan Chernak McElroy, Terry Tempest Williams, and many others.

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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