Maintain Your Balance

"The great path, the great principle of spiritual cultivation, is to maintain your balance, maintain your good concentration in everyday life, like holding a bowl of water and walking in the dark. If you do not balance yourself well, if you do not have a strong sense of morality, if you hit anything, you will spill the water. This is the value of spiritual cultivation: enlightening yourself to see through your own darkness, to maintain your balance."
Entering the Tao

Life's Greatest Reward

"When you become enlightened it can come about through a very small or ordinary thing. You see, the most difficult thing for someone to accept is the plainness of their life. To discover magnificence in every moment of a simple life is truly life's greatest reward."
Entering the Tao

An Intuitive Mystical Power

"Concentration does not mean to concentrate on an external object; it is concentration upon life itself. It is a power of knowing, an intuitive mystical power which is not obtained by language. It is obtained by keeping your awareness upon the subtle actions that occur inside your thoughts, inside your body, inside the immediate ten inches or so that surround you, and inside your environment. With this mystical intuitive power, you know everything, including the sufficiency of your spiritual nature."
Entering the Tao

Making the World Better

"Spiritual soberness is when a person applies his life energy to making the world better. It is a movement of energy from the person's being out to the world. Spiritual tipsiness is when a person brings the energy back into his body to replenish himself."
Entering the Tao

Enjoy Boredom

"Learn to enjoy boredom and monotony. When you feel bored, it means that it is a really good time and everything is in good condition. This is the most valuable time for you. Most people are unpleasant when things are boring, because they do not know the value of boredom and monotony. Monotony to them is too simple, and they cannot stand it. Those things you consider boring and monotonous can help you come back to yourself instead of pulling you away. By accepting them, you can nurture yourself."
Entering the Tao

Ways to Refine Your Energy

"Combing one's hair frequently, rubbing one's face, biting one's teeth, and swallowing one's saliva help to refine one's energy. The strengthening of one's internal organs and brightening of the face is accomplished by rubbing the backs of the thumbs together to produce heat; then gently stroking over the eyes fourteen times, over the sides of the nose thirty-six times, then with the palms fourteen times over the ears and fourteen times over the face."
Entering the Tao

The Reward of Life

"Your own spiritual achievement is the foundation of a rewarding life. Doing and being good is the responsibility of each individual. As the ancients say, one shall enjoy what one plants now, but enjoyment is always relative. Unhappiness is embedded in happiness, just as misfortune is embedded in good fortune. A truly good life is one in which you are well poised in all situations."
The Majestic Domain of the Universal Heart

Just for Today

"Just for today, do not worry!
Just for today, do not become angry!
Earn your living honestly.
Honor your soul and spirit.
Show gratitude to all!"
The Majestic Domain of the Universal Heart

Your Spiritual Heart

"I would like to share with you
my understanding that
it is the spiritual heart
that should lead the way through life,
assisted by the mind.

I hope that all of you will
place your heart
on the throne of your life's kingdom
and place the universal immortal heart
on the throne of the world."
The Majestic Domain of the Universal Heart

Let Your Life Blossom

"Watching the blossoming flowers. In spring, summer, autumn, and even winter, flowers are blooming. They take their support from the weather, continuing to bloom despite inclement weather. No human individual need be withered by the negative circumstances in life. Let your life blossom like those flowers, in the sense of the fullness of your spirit and fullness of your life strength."
Entering the Tao