In 1949, Hua-Ching Ni left his family and went alone to Taiwan to carry on his family legacy. There he lived for 28 years and became a renowned healer, teacher, and writer. He has said that the hardships in life have made him stronger, deeper, and perhaps a bit wiser.

Ni’s spiritual teaching began to attract international attention from those eager to learn the Integral Way of life. In 1976, he was invited by a group of American students to live in Los Angeles where he continued to practice Traditional Chinese medicine. In 1989, he and his two sons, Drs. Daoshing Ni and Maoshing Ni, founded a school of Chinese medicine, Yo San University, in order to transmit their traditional knowledge of healing to future generations. During his spare time, Ni continued to write and lecture worldwide on topics of natural spiritual truth and ancient wisdom, tai chi, qi gong, Taoist meditation, and internal alchemy.

Though now retired from medical practice and general teaching, Ni’s tireless passion to bring about a better world keeps him writing. His goal is to help people rebuild their natural, healthy energy and awaken their spiritual potential. He has written more than 70 books in English and around 50 in Chinese. His books are full of treasures gleaned from his own experience and development. They are wise guides for those searching for genuine spiritual understanding and a healthy way of life.

Read For:

  • Straightforward writing concerning the wisdom of Taoism
  • An integration of the Tao and health that is both spiritual and concrete
  • Inspirational guidance for spiritual seekers