Growing Closer to God in Every Situation

"As we open ourselves to spiritual growth, there is simply no part of our life that can be left out. Nothing is too dirty or smudged. Nothing is too ecstatic or passionate. Nothing is too mundane or ordinary. All of life is the food of our spiritual growth. We can grow closer and deeper in our relationship with God through every situation, depending on our attitude, our openness, and our awareness. Be aware of God teaching you through your life today."
The Cup of Our Life

Darkness is an Element of Growth

"It has taken me a long time to recognize that darkness is an essential element for personal growth. No matter how many 'right things.' I do, darkness will still come unannounced and uninvited because it is an essential part of life. Without darkness I cannot become the person I was meant to be."
Little Pieces of Light

Trusting "Don't Know"

"When we trust ‘Don't know' we do not cling to the past. We do not hold onto old points of view and stagnant opinions. When we trust 'Don't know' we are open to being in process, with many possibilities and alternatives. We do not force things to happen. 'Don't know' waits and explores, searches and considers, examines and trusts."
Dear Heart, Come Home

The Dance of Oneness

"As I stand in my own small space of the planet, reveling in the power and the beauty of the heavens, I feel a great unity with all beings. I know that somewhere there is a herdsman in the Sahara Desert who is also gazing at the stars of our common universe. I know there is a lamb in New Zealand romping in the sunlight that also bathes my skin. I know there is a cactus blooming in Mexico under the same sky as mine. I know that all of us are drinking in the wind and living under the beauty of the heavens. I know that all of this is a dance of oneness amid the bounty of the skies and I am grateful."
The Cosmic Dance