Ours is a Way of Light

"Conscious evolution is humankind's final frontier, the ultimate freedom sought by humanity since the dawn of time. Thus the challenge seems to be one of overcoming the fear of the unexplored territory that lies ahead, and finding the courage and optimism to illuminate the spiritual dimension hidden within our nature. For it is the intuitive, radarlike quality of this transcendent faculty that will help to guide us through the darkness of the unknown — illuminating our minds and awakening our hearts to the splendor of a new consciousness."

"Contemplating the Universe in its boundless spectrum of archetypes is the basis of the Sufi practice of invoking the names of God. Glorifying and exulting God's attributes through our prayers and concentrations arouses those very qualities in ourselves — in other words our attunement shapes our being."

"Meditators become like 'ambassadors of the Universe,' whose mission is to display the qualities of the Divine King or Queen to whom they have dedicated their lives in eternal service. Their personalities robed in the richness of the Being of the Universe, they display their royal attributes in the same way ambassadors display medals, ribbons, and uniforms."

"Training oneself to see things from the Divine point of view is key to understanding the essence of Sufism: it is the 'global compass' that offsets the personal vantage point, the 'true north' orienting one's direction in life. This is why the Sufis aim at downplaying their personal view in order to espy the Divine point of view."

"Especially today, it is often the case that trustworthy and experienced spiritual guides are difficult to find. Yet the Sufis have a longstanding practice that provides an antidote to this modern dilemma: turning to humankind's great masters, saints, or prophets such as Moses, Krishna, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Zoroaster, Melchizedek, Muhammad, and others. They form a hierarchy of mystical transmission reaching into the very highest levels of realization announcing the spiritual dimension of our day and age and indeed future spirituality. . . . Just like tuning the strings of a violin to a note struck on the piano, concentrating on an "ideal being" has the effect of harmonizing that within us which has fallen out of tune with the Divine perspective. While our own spiritual dimension may be latent within us, that of certain great souls is vibrantly awakened. Getting in the consciousness of highly attuned beings will trigger off a kind of resonance in us — just as two harps tuned to the same pitch will strike the same chord."

"As ours is a way of light, the work we do as followers of the path of Sufism is to help others become conscious that they are beings of light. Just like a potter works with clay to shape a pot, work with light practices helps individuals become more luminous and radiant. Becoming more skilled in the art of illumination catalyzes transformation. How would the world be different if, for example, all of us were to reclaim our inheritance as members in a "tribe of light" who vow to bring enlightenment to all creation."
Awakening: A Sufi Experience:

Cannot Bargain with God

"You cannot bargain with God. If you value what you think you might have to give up, don't give it up, because you will find conflict within yourself. The whole of life is a covenant with the unknown. Nothing risked, nothing gained."

"The fire of resentment can only be extinguished by the light of forgiveness."

"You can only know yourself by earmarking the traces of God's being in your personality."
In Search of the Hidden Treasure: A Conference of Sufis