Traffic Light Meditation

"I have used a technique in traffic to slow my mind down and consequently allow the peace of God's fast vibrations to be present with me. When I am stopped at a red light, I remind myself to choose to let my mind stand still as well, or allow it to continue to chatter with thoughts about how I'm being delayed, why the driver ahead of me didn't go through the yellow light, and it is his fault that I'm still sitting here, how I'm now going to have to stop for all the lights ahead of me because of the sequencing conspiracy of the traffic planners, and so on. I usually choose to use this minute or two in which everything else has stopped, to still and stop my mind as well. It is all a choice. I find that I can simply close my eyes, meditate for the prescribed stoppage time and experience the peace of that moment.

I have also discovered that there is almost always someone behind me who will give me a considerate wake-up honk to remind me that my meditation time is up! By slowing down and stopping my mental chatter at the traffic light, I invite the increased vibration of spirit into my life. And conversely, by staying in a frenetic vibration in my mind and body, I block the presence of God and continue to live with my so-called problems."
— There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Bringing In Light

"I suggest that you view yourself as a being of light, a fast moving energy system that has the capacity to make darkness disappear. You are the carrier of this light. You radiate this light wherever you go and you are able to help yourself and others triumph over darkness.

In addition to thinking of light as a fast moving energy vibration, I would like you to consider light as an attitude. That is, you can choose to either think light or think dark. When you are thinking light you bring to any set of problems an uncontaminated clarity that can dissolve difficulties.

Perhaps you have heard someone talk of surrounding a friend or loved one with white light in times of perceived potential darkness. These comments reflect an awareness that light is protective and pure, and that it can protect someone from dangerous and harmful energies. Putting white light around a loved one is another way of sending loving thoughts and trusting in the energetic thoughts to assist in keeping the person safe. These are thoughts of light, wherein you choose to think of a loving light, visualizing it being sent by you to do the work of spirit. Intuitively we know that thoughts of light will dispel darkness just as surely as turning on a light switch will illuminate a dark room."
— There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Meditate on Appreciation

"Cherish the energy that you share with all living beings now and in the future, and even those that have lived before you. Feel the surge of that life force that allows you to think, sleep, move about, digest, and even meditate. The power of intention responds to your appreciation of it. The life force that's in your body is key to what you desire. As you appreciate your life force as representative of the power of intention, a wave of determination and knowing surges through you. The wisdom of your soul as it responds to your meditation on appreciation assumes command and knows every step that must be taken."
— The Power of Intention

See the World As An Abundant Place

"See the world as an abundant, providing, friendly place. Again, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you see the world as abundant and friendly, your intentions are genuine possibilities. They will, in fact, become a certainty, because your world will be experienced from the higher frequencies. In this first step, you're receptive to a world that provides rather than restricts. You'll see a world that wants you to be successful and abundant, rather than one that conspires against you.
— The Power of Intention

Befriend the Mystery Within Yourself

"Turn all of your attention to becoming open-minded, allowing permissiveness to befriend the mystery within yourself. Notice how the feeling manifests itself: perhaps doing 'loop-de-loops' in your stomach, giving a rigidness to your skeleton, making your heart pound, or tightening your throat. Wherever it is, allow it as an enigmatic messenger within you, and give it nonjudgmental attention. Notice the desire for the feeling to disappear, and allow it to be monitored compassionately by you. Accept whatever comes. Encounter the mystery within without labeling, explaining, or defending. It's a subtle distinction at first, which you must take personal responsibility for identifying. You alone can prepare the ground of your being for the experience of living the mystery."
— Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life

Post This Affirmation

"Post the following affirmation for your constant attention: I am moral, profitable, and a genius extraordinaire, regardless of what any institutional transcript or bank statement says. Repeat this mantra until it becomes your way of being."
— Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life

Welcome the Flexibility of the Tao

"Listen to someone express an opinion that's the opposite of your today. It could be on any of a variety of topics, such as politics, the environment, religion, drugs, war, the death penalty, or what have you. Refuse to impose your position, and instead remark, 'I've never considered that point of view. Thank you for sharing your ideas with me.' By allowing a contrary position to be heard, you'll dismiss ego's attitude and welcome the flexibility of the Tao."
— Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life

Stay Soft and Gentle

"Give yourself an assignment to be as much in the background as you can for an entire day. Stifle inclinations to compare yourself to anyone else or to draw attention to yourself. You can accomplish this by making a commitment to be interested in others today, substituting the pronoun I for you. So instead of saying, 'I did this kind of work for years; let me tell you how you should proceed,' remark, 'You seem to be doing so well with your new business.' In the language of the Tao, stay soft and gentle and you will endure."
— Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life