Be the First to Extend Greetings by Joseph Telushkin calls for cordiality and mutual respect for those who perform service work.

Be On Time by Joseph Telushkin directs us to treat each other’s time like a valuable commodity.

A Candle for Understanding by Tom Cowan directs us to pray for mutual illumination, understanding, civility, and grace when in a dispute.

Count Your Words by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat inspires profound consideration of whether our words are necessary.

Good Manners by Joseph Telushkin ties good manners to our willingness to make sacrifices and treat others like they matter.

Hold Your Tongue by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat advises that we pay attention to what we say at all times, and offers a verse, a teaching story, and commentary to help us do so.

Let Everyone Go Ahead of You by Alan Epstein suggests that we exercise our deference and courtesy muscles by letting everyone we encounter go in front of or get served before us.

A Method for Purifying One's Heart by Hazrat Inayat Khan offers a short and sweet way to orient yourself toward wisdom, consideration, and kindness.

Rethinking Rude Behavior by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar provides perspective on rudeness and equips us to maintain equanimity and love.