I Can't Do Anything! by Thierry Robberecht is a playful children's picture book that challenges parents to teach and model manners to their children. In a "Note to Parents," Tammy Hughes discusses setting family rules and talking freely about socially accepted behavior.

That's (Not) Mine by Anna Kang is a thoroughly delightful morality tale about two bears squabbling over a chair. We soon get the point that they'd be happier sharing.

Toad Weather by Sandra Markle is about how a family makes a rainy day into an adventure while celebrating wonder and kindness in the city. A large number of toads are crossing the street and heading for the pond to mate and lay eggs, and the family helps carry them to safety.

You're a Rude Pig, Bertie! by Claudia Boldt shows the down-side of selfish, me-first-behavior and advocates courtesy as a path with heart. Bertie the pig is all wrapped up in himself, constantly criticizing others — but all that changes when he sees Ruby, the prettiest rabbit he's ever come across.