• Enduring Love Blessing
    by Joyce Rupp
    "May your circle of understanding and caring persons be many and may you allow them to support and sustain you in your sadness.
    "May you rest your heartache in the compassionate arms of God each day and find comfort from this Enduring Love.
    "May you welcome the tears you shed as friends of your soul, gifting you with an opening to release your pain.
    "May disappointment, anger, guilt, or any other hurts that cling to you be acknowledged and set free.
    "May you trust the hidden part of you where your resilience resides and remember often the inner strength your spirit contains.
    "May you find the balance you need between activity and quiet so you can be attentive to your grief.
    "May you be gentle and compassionate with yourself by caring well for your body, mind, and spirit.
    "May you believe in your ability to eventually heal from your loss, no matter how much loneliness or desolation you now experience.
    "May you have the necessary energy to focus on the details of life that must be done, in spite of how you feel.
    "May the day come when memories of your departed one bring you more comfort than sadness.
    "May the empty hollow in you grow less wide and deep as you receive touches of consolation and assurances of peace.
    "May you be healed from your grief and extend your compassion generously to others who hurt.
    "May you recognize when it is time for you to let go and move on, doing so when your grief has faded and you are ready to allow the past to be at rest.
    "May you trust that love is stronger than death and draw comfort from the bond that unites you with your loved."
  • Lord, Let Me Be a Light
    by Maureen Hawk Turk
    "Lord, let me be a light
    to chase away shadows of fear and doubt,
    A lighthouse beacon, steady and strong,
    to light storm-tossed waters of grief,
    A candle in the window to welcome the lost,
    or flicker with joy and laughter
    to brighten sadness and despair.
    But most, Lord, let me be a heart-glow of love
    and offer a shoulder to cry on, arms to enfold.
    Let me be a light, Lord,
    to shine forth the rainbow promise of your love."
  • Power to Work
    by David Adam
    "Lord you are
    The love of my life
    The light of my way
    The peace of my mind
    The power for my task
    The Presence
    "Help me
    Strong One
    To be a strength to the weak
    Help me
    Caring One
    To be a support to the sad
    Help me
    Saving One
    To be a helper of the lost
    Help me
    Present One
    To be a comfort to the lonely
    Help me
    Holy One
    To worship you now and evermore"