A Breathing Room by Thich Nhat Hanh proposes creating a place to practice breathing mindfully.

Bringing Your Emotions (including Sadness) to Life by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat offers thoughtful ways to work with five key emotions.

Chronicle Your Losses by Lama Surya Das advises us on how to process pain through writing.

A Crying Room by Habib Todd Boerger sets down an entreaty to allow yourself to cry.

Pain Is Simply Pain by Brenda Shoshanna muses on the benefit of accepting painful moments.

Prayers for Pandemic Times by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat collects 12 nurturing prayers to help in a period of worldwide sorrow.

Sacred Holding by Jamal Rahman reflects on the importance of accepting our feelings as valid.

Sacred Moments in Grief by David Kundtz Kundtz urges us to remember to return to ourselves.

Sacred Writing by Jamal Rahman presents a practice for honoring your feelings and your responses to them.

Save Your Tears by Forrest Church proclaims the value of remembering that you have suffered and survived.

The Shared Pain of Being Human by Wayne Muller asserts the power of using our own pain to deepen our sense of connection to and compassion for the rest of our human family.

Tears for the Soul by Terry Bookman acknowledges that affliction is temporary.

When Deep in Sorrow by Mary Margaret Funk illuminates the necessity of noticing and acknowledging deep sorrow.

Working with Sadness spells out simple prescriptions for facing and alleviating different kinds of sadness.