• Emotions: Showing Surprise
    by C at Writeworld.org
    Surprise is one of the seven universal emotions (including also disgust, sadness, joy, contempt, anger, and fear) and is a short-lived emotion, unlike awe or anticipation which have a longer duration.
  • Surprise!
    by Julia Galef
    Galef points out that teaching science requires an investigative attitude that isn't easily developed. One way to cultivate it is to actively look for signs that our assumptions are wrong. She shares a school experiment in keeping a surprise journal.
  • Surprise Etiquette
    by Tania Luna
    on Psychology
    Surprise intensifies other emotions -- by as much as 400 percent, according to neuroscientist Wolfram Schultz's research. Culture, sensitivity, and tolerance for ambiguity are three factors that determine whether our surprise turns into delight, anger, or uncomfortable silence.
  • Surprise Reflects Difficulty of Explanation
    by Art Markman
    What drives the feeling of surprise? One factor is that we're surprised by what we cannot explain. Markman shares studies that touch on the various facets of this inexplicability.