All of us have experienced magic moments of synchronicity: the anticipation of a call seconds before the phone rings, a chance meeting with an old friend who has just the advice we need, or a feeling of connection with a loved one miles away just as s/he is dying. Such happenings signal the hidden meanings in the universe which call us all to be as attentive as poets and as curious as detectives looking for clues.

Featured Book

One of our favorite books is Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. It's a mesmerizing fable about the spiritual journey we all must take to fulfill our dreams and play out our destiny. Along the way, we must learn how to trust others, listen to our hearts, read the world for signs of God, and to accept love as the hub of the human adventure. The story revolves around a shepherd who becomes a pilgrim; time after time he meets the right people at the right time. At one point, an Englishman tells him: "If I could, I'd write a huge encyclopedia just about the words luck and coincidence. It's with those words that the universal language is written."

All of us have experienced the grace of synchronicities and coincidences. Click on the blue icons on this page to find some more resources to help you train your awareness to notice them.