• American Nature Writing by John A. Murray contains 29 excellent selections by some of the best nature writers in the country including Terry Tempest Williams, Barry Lopez, Rick Bass, and Richard Nelson. Brenda Peterson marvels at whales in a nursery near Hawaii.
  • A Beginner's Faith in Things Unseen by John Hay brings together the observations of this 80-year-old nature writer who lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He turns his attention to the stranding of some pilot whales on Cape Cod's outer beaches and contemplates the times in his life when he has felt alone, detached, and in an alien environment. He models for us a fresh way of empathizing with whales.
  • 50 Ways to Save the Ocean by David Helvarg reveals the many ways in which the ocean refreshes and nurtures us. Among the 50 actions we can take to clean, protect, and conserve this environment is "Going on a Whale-Watching Trip." Included are guidelines for safe whale-watching practices.
  • The Moon by Whale Light by Diane Ackerman reflects what this poet and nature writer wrote in a previous book: "Being ecstatic means being flung out of your usual self. When you're enraptured, your senses are upright and saluting." In this deliciously written volume, Ackerman is ecstatic again and her readers will be too. Here are four essays originally published in The New Yorker including the author's celebration of the whale kingdom.
  • The Next-Eco-Warriors by Emily Hunter laments that large and powerful forces are out there destroying the planet and all its resources in the name of progress and financial success. But there is also a committed and diverse community of young people dedicated to saving the Earth. Among their number is Benjamin Fox who is on a crusade to save whales.
  • Singing to the Sound by Brenda Peterson contains many cogent insights into nature, animals, and Spirit by a veteran creative writer. Check out her interview with a husband and wife research team who listen and record Orcas and her up-close look at the controversial Makah whale hunt that stirred up a hornet's nest of concern among environmentalists.

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