An engineer named Finch, his dog, and a robot named Jeff he has created to protect the dog should he die, are traveling through a post-apocalytic landscape. Although he has loaded the robot's programs with all kinds of data, Finch knows for survival, the droid will need to know more. In one scene, he passes on some wisdom about emotional intelligence:

Finch: "Look, things will happen to you. Things that you cannot control. Raw emotion will find you. When it does, how you deal with it, what you do, will define who you are."

Jeff: "Did that happen to you?"

Finch: "It happens to all of us, whether we want it to or not."

And later, the human explains to the robot what it means to truly live:

Finch: "You can already tell me how many rivets are in the Golden Gate Bridge and how many miles of cable were used and how high it is. But it is not until you actually stand on it and see the beauty and listen to the suspension cables singing in the wind -- that's experience. That's human experience. It's not just imagining. It's living."


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