In this family film, comedian Billy Crystal plays Sammy Kanin, a fast-talking talent agent whose life is in shambles. His wife Serena (Kathleen Quinlan) has left him and moved in with relatives taking their son Nick (Zane Carney) with her. When his one hot client, a teenage actor who's starring in a film being shot in Romania, lets him go, Sammy drives his car off the road. In this faraway country he's rescued by Max (Gheorghe Muresan), a seven-foot, seven-inch man who has lived at a monastery since his parents abandoned him at age 15. Always hustling, Sammy talks this gentle soul who loves Shakespeare into going to America and becoming a movie star. Max agrees to leave behind his tranquil life only if the agent will reunite him with the girl who kissed him when she was 14. She's now living in Gallup, New Mexico, and hasn't answered any of his letters.

Although Sammy wants Max to save his sinking career by performing in a new Steven Seagal film in Las Vegas, the tall Romanian turns the tables on him and becomes a moral mentor instead. My Giant delivers a salutary message to children that a big heart is more important than either a thick wallet or a successful career.