On this 32-minute film, Father Bede Griffiths (1906-1993) speaks from his Saccidananda Ashram in Southern India about a near-fatal stroke in 1990 that transformed his life. After a week of silence, this Benedictine monk was opened up to the Sacred Feminine. Father Bede felt the impulse to "surrender to the Mother" and was overwhelmed by a feeling of God's love.

This profound experience also became a powerful teacher for him: "Nobody knows when he is going to die. It is no good simply putting it off all the time, as we tend to do. If you face it, you realize you hold your life in your hands and you're ready to let go at any moment. I think that is real wisdom." Father Bede also talks about his new insights into the sacraments, the value of chaos and darkness, and the mystical unity that lies behind all religions.

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