For all those who are still harboring paranoid thoughts about the new millennium, Hollywood has created made-to-order action drama about the Anti-Christ. The story is set in New York City several days before January 1, 2000. Fulfilling a biblical prophecy, Satan (Gabriel Byrne) is in town inhabiting the body of a Wall Street investment banker. He is here to procreate with Christine York (Robin Tunney), a woman chosen 20 years ago to spawn his child. A band of zealous Catholic priests, going against the counsel of the Pope, have decided she must be killed in order to save humanity.

But, never fear! Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an ex-cop who now works for an elite security agency, suddenly finds himself as Christine's protector. Since the murder of his wife and child while he was working, he has become an alcoholic and even tried to commit suicide. This challenging mission perks up his spirits even though it mystifies his wiseacre partner (Kevin Pollak)

Director Peter Hyams propels End of Days with a series of crash-and-burn sequences that express the archetypal link between Satan and fire. This Prince of Darkness, in sync with the fears of Christian fundamentalists, has an overactive libido and a nasty habit of dispensing with those who get in his way. The last confrontation between Cane and Satan takes place in a church. Realizing that he cannot stop the Archfiend with bullets, Cane lays down his cannon-sized gun. This has to be one of the most magical moments in the history of Western filmmaking! The world will not be saved through violence. There is another path and Cane takes it.