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The Violence of Love Inspiring quotations by this courageous Catholic archbishop.
Wild at Heart A strange and compelling road movie as imagined by writer and director David Lynch.
Women and Spirituality: The Burning Times Offers a chillly look at the persecution of women accused of being witches in Europe from the 15th through 17th centuries.
GoodFellas Proves that not even crooks can do whatever they want, that everybody is accountable.
Romero A riveting drama about the radicalization of a moderate Catholic priest as he is exposed to the violence and suffering in El Salvador.
Miller's Crossing A stylized reworking of the gangster film by Joel and Ethan Coen.
The Road Warrior A rousing tale of survival set in a grim and violent future.
State of Grace Charts the territory of lawlessness, betrayal, and violence.
Francis of Assisi Leonardo Boff on Francis of Assisi's strategy to liberate individuals from hatred and violence by practicing kindness and compassion.
King of New York Vividly conveys the dark side of power.