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Carandiru An unusual prison movie set in a Sao Paulo House of Detention where a doctor earns the respect of the prisoners with his genuine interest in the stories of their wayward lives.
The Butcher Boy A timely and engrossing film about the deprivations, fantasies, and violence that can cause children to kill without regret.
Wild at Heart A strange and compelling road movie as imagined by writer and director David Lynch.
Wyatt Earp A parabolic sagebrush saga about this legendary figure in the Wild West.
GoodFellas Proves that not even crooks can do whatever they want, that everybody is accountable.
Tightrope Film noir at its best with an intriguing blend of law and order, sin and sex, violence and sado-masochism.
Miller's Crossing A stylized reworking of the gangster film by Joel and Ethan Coen.
Mirrors Eduardo Galeano with two excerpts on the shadow side of life revealed through criminal statistics not counted and the lethal weapon of our cars.
State of Grace Charts the territory of lawlessness, betrayal, and violence.
Romero A riveting drama about the radicalization of a moderate Catholic priest as he is exposed to the violence and suffering in El Salvador.