With great precision and speed, two men go to the store and purchase the supplies for construction of a soundproof room that is protected by a smorgasbord of locks. They have a plan and are earnestly ready to put it into high gear. They kidnap Alice Creed (Gemma Arterton) off the city streets, throw her bound and blindfolded into the back of a van, and take her to their especially constructed prison where she is hooded and handcuffed to a bed with a ball-gag over her mouth.

Vic (Eddie Marsan), the older man and master-planner of this operation, likes playing power games with his younger and more emotional partner, Danny (Martin Compston). They claim to be in love and share a mutual yearning for the two million dollar ransom they hope to receive from Alice's wealthy father. It becomes clear that these two men are "have-nots" who have bought into society's myth that money offers one the keys to the kingdom of freedom and pleasure. It turns out that Alice was selected by Danny as the target for this kidnapping and she is a very spunky and wily prisoner. As the plan proceeds, Vic sends photos of Alice to her father, proving that she is still alive.

Writer and director J Blakeson has created a scary and clever thriller that pits these three characters together in two small rooms where they begin a dance that takes them where none of them expect to go. Will the rich girl outwit the two have-nots and save her skin? Can the two lovers bank on their past passion to carry them through this complicated and tense situation? Will something as inadvertent as a bullet casing provide high drama and several acts of bold action? The Disappearance of Alice Creed is tense without resorting to the mindless violence so prevalent in this genre of movie. The three performers make us squirm as they twist and turn in their lies and deceptions. Here we see a microcosm of the battle between the rich and the have-nots, where all interactions are laced with untruths and suspicion.

Special features include deleted and extended scenes with optional audio commentary; storyboard featurette; outtakes; audio commentary featuring writer/director J Blakeson.