Novelist Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) divorced his wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) after she left him for a younger man three years ago. He believes that they will get back together even though there is no evidence to support his hope. Meanwhile, Bill has Tricia (Kristen Bell), an attractive neighbor who regularly stops by for sex with no strings attached. She wants him to immerse himself in the proverbial dating pool and meet a new woman but he is more interested in spying on Erica at her house.

Whereas Bill has burned-out as a novelist, his college-age daughter Samantha (Lily Collins) has written her first work of fiction and it will be published soon. She is an erotic adventurer who wants to make sure that she never gets hurt like Bill. She has cut off all relations with her mother, making Erica very sad and depressed. It is sheer luck that Samantha meets Lou (Logan Lerman), a serious writer who will stop at nothing to penetrate all the walls she has erected around herself.

The third member of the Borgens family with literary intentions is teenage Rusty (Nat Wolff), a Stephen King aficionado. His father urges him to go out and have some experiences that he can use as material in his fantasy writing. He begins dating a popular girl at school, Kate (Liana Liberato), who happens to be a drug addict. She initiates Rusty into the messy world of sexual relationships.

Stuck in Love is an endearing drama about the different shades of love as experienced by the members of a family used to expressing their feelings through their creative writing. Lily Collins steals the movie with her nuanced depiction of Samantha's transformation once she surrenders to a person who really loves her and wants all the best for her. Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly both enable us to feel for them and to understand the leap of faith it will take for them to start afresh. And Nat Wolff is appealing as the teenager whose life is rocked by his relationship with Kate.

Special features on the DVD include director Josh Boone's commentary and the "Making of Stuck in Love".