This is a funny and fetching film about friendship between women friendship written and directed by Nicole Holofcener. Laura (Anne Heche) and Amelia (Catherine Keener) have been friends since childhood. Now, however, they are worlds apart.

While Laura makes plans for her wedding, Amelia finds her life is in tatters. Her cat is dying of cancer, her old boyfriend keeps borrowing money from her, her latest lover hasn't called back, and her therapist has just agreed to stop their sessions and given her time to another client. Of course, secretly Laura has problems of her own due to pre-marriage jitters. Eventually, these two friends get back in sync with each other after realizing that they want their relationship to last over the long haul. One of the best things about Walking and Talking is the way the film lays bare all the little character flaws and tics that bother even those who call themselves bosom buddies.