In this very entertaining drama, bar pianist Willie (Timothy Hutton) leaves New York City for Knight's Ridge, Massachusetts, to attend a high school reunion. He's unsure about his job and whether or not to commit to Tracy (Annabeth Gish), a lawyer. He finds his working-class buddies in a similar funk. Tommy (Matt Dillon) plows snow for a living and is caught in the crossfire between his lover (Mira Sorvino) and a passionate affair with his married ex-girlfriend (Lauren Holly). Paul (Michael Rapaport) has just been ditched by Nan (Martha Plimpton) and is mad that the women in town don't match the pin-ups on his wall. And although Mo (Noah Emmerich) is married and a father, he'd still rather spend an evening out with the boys than anything else.

It takes three beautiful-souled women to get these confused men straight about love relationships. Natalie Portman steals the movie as a wise-beyond-her-years 13 year old. Uma Thurman lets the boys know what women really want. And Rosie O'Donnell demolishes the unreality of the typical male view of female beauty. Populated with colorful and cantankerous characters, this comedy hits the spot with its wry observations on sexual politics.