The War at Home is a gripping and illuminating film about the effects of the Vietnam War upon American families even after it was over.

Jeremy (Emilio Estevez) returns home as a decorated veteran in 1972. But he's unable to leave behind the nightmare of his war experiences which keep playing in his mind. Jeremy's father Bob (Martin Sheen), a car dealer, wants him to shape up and get a job. His suburban mom (Kathy Bates) insists on treating him like a ten year old who needs some discipline. And his sister Karen (Kimberly Williams) criticizes his selfishness and calls him a "weirdo." To make matters worse, Jeremy's girlfriend informs him that she's living with another man.

Emilio Estevez does a fine job directing The War at Home which has been adapted from a play by James Duff. This family just doesn't have the patience, compassion, and understanding to live with the "otherness" of their son who has lost his soul in a senseless war. Ironically, the blow-up which severs Jeremy from his parents and his sister takes place on Thanksgiving.