The content of our characters is shaped by people who early in our lives teach us through their words and deeds what it means to be human. Once Upon a Time...When We Were Colored is a touching and revealing portrait of a young black boy's upbringing in Glen Allan, Mississippi, from 1946 to 1962. The wisdom and the sacrifices of those who love, nourish and sustain him are at the core of this heart-warming drama directed by Tim Reid. It is based on the book by Clifton Taulbert.

Born in the cotton fields to a young girl without a husband, Clifton is raised by Poppa (Al Freeman, Jr.), his great-grandfather who gives him a keen sense of right and wrong. His great aunt (Phylicia Rashad) expands his horizons, and an iceman (Richard Roundtree) conveys to the boy how important it is to stand up for what he believes in. Mrs. Maybry (Polly Bergen), a white woman, introduces him to the wide world of literature. This vibrant film celebrates community as a seedbed and workshop where young souls are forged. Don't miss it!