Technology has altered the lives of urban professionals in many surprising ways. Despite all the time-saving devices at our command, we have less time than ever for relationships. Work has devoured the private lives of millions of single people. The only way they keep in touch with family, friends, and lovers is via cordless phones.

Denise Calls Up, a comedy written and directed by Hal Salwen, explores these quirky themes in the experiences of a group of six workaholic professionals. They all spend an inordinate amount of time at their word processors. Distanced from others, they share secrets, explore love and loss, and fantasize via phones, faxes, beepers, and computers. The only character in the story who is mobile is Denise, a pregnant woman who has found out the identity of the man who donated the sperm for her child.

Denise Calls Up cleverly and convincingly portrays the stunted and unsatisfying lives of those who hide behind modern technology because they are frightened of the flesh, their raw emotions, and the demands of intimate relationships.