The Long Day Closes is a lyrical and lovely celebration of what writer and director Terence Davies calls "the poetry of the ordinary." This beautifully photographed film recreates some formative moments in the life of a Liverpool youth, 11-year-old Bud (Leigh McCormack). Although he is having some difficulties adjusting to a new school, Bud's wonder constantly lifts his spirits. Popular songs and movies stir his soul, and he delights in the daydreams which stream across his mind.

The Long Day Closes is a deeply spiritual film in the sense that it honors Bud's meditative abilities. He is alert and fully awake to the life in and around him. He knows that the actual textures of experience are worthy of our deepest attention and reflection. Two of the most magical scenes in the film are when Bud watches the light change on the carpet and his delight in peering into a nighttime cloudscape. Don't miss The Long Day Closes.