Chloe (Garance Clavel) is a lonely young woman who shares an apartment in Paris with Michael (Olivier Py), a homosexual. She works as a make-up assistant at a modeling agency and hasn't had a vacation for three years. She wants to go to the seaside but first she must find someone to look about her black cat. A neighbor suggests she take him to Mrs. Renee (Renee Le Calm) who has five other felines and a dog. However, when Chloe returns home, her cat is missing.

What was once a nameless and faceless milieu is now peopled by concerned neighbors. Mrs. Renee organizes a group of her elderly friends to watch for the cat. Djamel (Zinedine Soualem), an Arab, becomes Chloe's knight in shining armor and her companion on the streets at night. Searching for her lost cat even enables Chloe to have intimate encounters with a drummer and then an artist who has done a painting of her.

Writer and director Cedric Klapisch has made an irresistibly charming film about the magical and surprising ways in which community is created in large cities. The disappearance of Chloe's cat literally opens new doors for her. Her life is enriched and expanded. Best of all, this entertaining French film captures the soul of the city of Paris as a character going through her own changes and transformations.