• Wings of Desire: A phantasmagoric story of an angel who sheds his wings and takes a leap of faith into a worldly existence. He's drawn by a desire to experience the sources of gratitude — from the pleasures of a cup of coffee to a love relationship with a woman.
  • Babette's Feast: A Danish film, winner of the 1987 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, is set in a small community whose devout members discover that they have reasons to be grateful for both the needs of the flesh and the needs of the spirit.
  • The Color of Paradise: An Iranian drama about an eight-year-old blind boy and his selfish father is a spiritual parable about the emptiness of a life not filled with gratitude to God.
  • Harvest of Fire: The friendship between two very different women, a FBI agent and a widow, is enriched by the practice of gratitude in an Amish community.
  • Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine: A compelling Iranian film discovers small moments for gratitude in the little deaths around us that can be rehearsals for the great performance at the end of life.
  • The Claim: A lively morality tale about the dire consequences of greed and selfishness is set in California's Sierra Nevada region 20 years after the Gold Rush of 1849.
  • Startup.com: An informative and inventive documentary gives an insider's look at the rise-and-fall of an Internet company and the destruction of a friendship when gratitude gives way to greed.
  • Amadeus: An Academy Award winning film focuses on a composer in the Austrian court whose life and career are derailed by resentment over the talent and success of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Utz: An offbeat drama, based on a novel by Bruce Chatwin, explores the dehumanizing effects of obsession.

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