This breath prayer is suggested by the death song of the Yokut Indians.

Breathing in: All my life, I am . . .
Breathing out: seeking, seeking, seeking.

Other Prayers

A Prayer for Being Conscious of Others
Gracious God as I walk with you in my own spiritual journey, may I be conscious of other pilgrims along the way who may need my help, and who may also be of help to me when I falter. Amen.
Richard A. Hasler in Surprises Around the Bend

Closing Prayer
The rhythm of life is yours, O God,
the changing of the seasons,
the busyness of the day and the night's stillness,
youth's energy and age's measured pace.
For daylight followed by hours of darkness,
for the time of letting go
and of taking off the clothes of the day,
for the time of lying down
and being covered by the night's intimacy,
for the overlapping of the seen and the unseen,
heaven and earth,
flesh and angels,
body and spirit,
rest and dying and new life
all part of your rhythm, O God, thanks be to you.
John Philip Newell in Sounds of the Eternal

Traveler’s Prayer
May your eyes mingle with the sun.
May your breath be merged with the winds.
May the waters of your being mingle with the oceans.
May the ashes become one with the soil.
May you go to the heavens or to the earth,
Whatever your direction may be.

The Vedas in Powerful Prayers for Everyday Living by Mark Linden O'Meara