St. Patrick's Day brings to mind everything from wearing green to shamrocks to good luck to party times in pubs and street parades. Tradition has it that St. Patrick, the fifth century Christian who is now the patron saint of Ireland, died on this day. It's been celebrated as a religious holiday in Ireland for 1000 years.

Prayers & Mantras

Begin your celebration of this feast day by using this prayer by Living Spiritual Teacher Edward Hays from his Prayers for the Domestic Church..

A Blessing Prayer for St. Patrick's Day
by Edward Hays

Lord of All Nations and All Peoples,
we rejoice today in a special servant of Yours,
St. Patrick.
Irish or not, Catholic or not,
we all dance a gleeful jig
on this his joyous feast day.
Lord of bishops, bakers and bartenders,
we thank You for sprinkling saints among us
like holy Patrick, Bishop of Ireland.

His green feast day gives us all a chance
to wear the green of spring and life.
Four days from now our old friend winter
will loose his lease on life.
Packing up his ice and snow,
his chilly winds and frosty breath,
he'll soon be gone.
The green of this day
foretells of rich vegetation
soon to grace our countryside;
proclaims the fresh and new
to the tired and weary;
announces to one and all
that spring is on her way!

Glory for spring and saintly Patrick,
whose feast of songs and jokes,
of dancing feet and faerie folks,
will be for us
the eve of springtime.

As Patrick sent snakes slithering out of Ireland
by Your blessed touch,
may we, each, through his pastoral intercession,
be freed of any evil in our lives.

Lord of All Seasons,
winter is on his deathbed,
but song and mirth are greening all around us.
Blessed be St. Patrick, bishop and man of prayer.
Blessed be all saints,
and the wee folk as well.

Edward Hays is also an artist. Here's his painting of a Leprechaun from a St. Patrick's Day card. We suggest you print out this page, cut out the painting of the Leprechaun, and heed Hays' instructions: "Placing this [picture] in a prominent position in your home or office will ensure that the leprechauns and other wee folk, the Shree, who loved to be honored, will come to visit you with armloads of gifts of good fortune."Leprechaun

A Leprechaun's Blessing
by Edward Hays

May the singing of all the holy saints, to the music of St. Gabriel's Angel Band, set all the wee folk and the leprechauns merrily dancin' on the roof of your home. And may bushel baskets of blessings come to you and all your kin as well on this holy feast day of St. Patrick. Happy Saint Patrick's Day and may good fortune be yours!

Spiritual Practices

  • Wear the green of spring and life.
  • See this day as bringing you a new lease on life.
  • Let your feet lead you in a festive dance.
  • Bless St. Patrick and all the faerie folk as they bring you tidings of joy!