"St. Cuthbert (634 - 687) was an Anglo-Saxon who was educated at the Celtic monastery of Melrose, one of the many Anglo-Saxon saints who had a Celtic education and who sought to reconcile both peoples in the peace of Christ. He was consecrated bishop of Lindisfarne rather against his natural inclination to live a hermetic existence on the Inner Farne Island. His dying words on March 20 are a testament of peace: 'Always preserve divine charity among yourselves, and when you come together to discuss your common affairs, let your principal goal be to reach a unanimous decision."
— from The Celtic Book of Days: A Guide to Celtic Spirituality & Wisdom by Caitlin Matthews)

To Name This Day:

Spiritual Practices

Be an instrument of peace in your home or at work. Refrain from using any harsh or critical words, and encourage others to also not use words as weapons. Be the one encouraging consensus building in any decision-making situation. Find other ways to be a reconciling presence wherever you go in the spirit of St. Cuthbert.