1. Begin with a relaxation and silence exercise.
2. Put yourself in contact with Christ. Imagine yourself flooded with his light, life and power.
3. Imagine yourself laying your hands on the heads of the persons you love. Jesus dwells in each one. Ask that the love of Christ descend upon them. Wordlessly. See them illuminated by the light and love of Christ. See them transformed.
4. If weariness comes on, return to the comforting presence of Christ and rest in him for some moments. When you are refreshed return to laying your hands on them.
5. Do the same with each person with whom you have some relationship: persons entrusted to your care, family members, those with whom you live or work, persons for whom you have the greatest obligation to pray and intercede.
6. Pray for your friends, for those whom you do not like, for those who do not like you. Christ's power passes through your hands to each of these persons.
7. Pray for whole nations, for those that have greater responsibilities and power, for the poorer ones, for those that are at war . . .
Leave your mind blank for a few moments, and ask the Holy Spirit to suggest to you persons for whom or intentions for which you ought to pray. Pour the treasures of Christ over others, for they are infinite. The more you share with others, the more will you nourish your own heart.

Anthony de Mello in Praying Body and Soul by Anthony de Mello, Gabriel Galache