Make your day-by-day activities out of a larger story. What is commonplace becomes sacred and meaningful.

For instance, every time the Prophet Muhammad passed through any door, he paused to say, "Open to me the doors of Thy Mercy."
When removing any clothing, you can say, "I am peeling off layers of my ego."
When showering: "These waters are cleansing and healing me physically, emotionally, and mentally."
When talking on the phone: "The telephone is connecting me soul to soul to the other person."
When shaking hands: "Through these hands, I transmit God's love and blessing."
When driving a car: "May God's will steer me in the right direction."
When falling asleep: "I surrender into the embrace of angels who transport me into celestial dimensions that nourish and nurture me."

Jamal Rahman in The Fragrance of Faith