Wherever you are — say you're in your kitchen — look around — choose an unlikely suspect — for example, your toaster. Now imagine that toaster is your spiritual guide with something crucial to teach. What might it be? Free associate, enlisting your mind, your humor, your subconscious, and the revelatory power of God. Hmmm. A toaster must be placed on the right setting to cook a piece of bread properly. Hold onto the bread too long and it will burn. Is there a relationship, a project, in your life that you're holding onto even at the risk of ruining it? Maybe its time to let go, to let it pop out before it turns crisp and blackened.

Then too, a toaster only works properly when connected to its power source. You may, on occasion, have waited and waited for your bagel (I have!) only to realize the darn toaster wasn't plugged in. Is there an area in your life you feel stalled? Maybe the toaster is reminding you to plug into your Higher Power, seeking the needed energy and guidance.

Drew Leder in Sparks of the Divine