How do we find joy in our lives? Too often it comes at a significant price. You learn you are mortal, and suddenly what used to seem important isn't. Things that used to bother you don't anymore because they have become insignificant. What then becomes significant are the people who you love and who love you.

When you know our time is limited, every moment becomes precious. You step out the door, and a flower brings you joy because it may be the last flower you ever see. Time becomes a gift, not a burden, because you choose to spend it with the things and people you love and stop doing the things that are meaningless. You wear whatever you like and stop worrying so much about what others think. When you appreciate the now, weather becomes fascinating instead of a problem. It turns a frost-covered window blocking your vision into an awesome work of art.

Enjoy what lies before you, and be in awe of the beauty of creation. What I have learned from the words, "Seeing something for the last time is almost as good as the first" is to start seeing everything for the first time again. I think of myself as an extraterrestrial every morning and see the world as if it were my first day on earth.

Solution of the Day: Today try being an extraterrestrial and glory in the beauty and variety before you.

Bernie S. Siegel in 365 Prescriptions for the Soul