Hold hands with someone special. It could be your grandmother, a favorite uncle, a lover or best friend, your husband, wife, or child. One of the ways to get the most out of this interaction is to take a walk with the person with whom you want to be close.

Holding hands connects you in a small, but significant, way. You are together, yet most of your body remains free to move at its own pace. In other cultures, people routinely touch each other in public. It is not unusual to see people strolling arm in arm, talking animatedly, or enlarging the potential of the moment through frequent touching.

When you gently touch someone in an innocuous way, you affirm your love and regard for them, and their similar feelings for you. It allows you to be more intimate, more relaxed in the presence of others, and reduces the thickness of the armor that separates us from other people.

Alan Epstein in How to Be Happier Day by Day