Work varies. Sometimes it's so demanding you can't keep up. This is difficult, of course, but at least it's engrossing and passes the time. Sometimes, though, work is so tedious you can actually fall asleep on the job with embarrassing and sometimes dangerous results. Gotta snap out of it.

When you're totally bored at work, try this: pretend it's your last day on the job. Take this seriously. On your last day, you plainly can't finish anything long-term, but you can do little things you've always intended to do but never got around to. Tackle one or another of those things. This is the moment to thank that person for just being cool, or to clean up the shelves by the water cooler, or to put up some cartoons for the next guy. Anything that springs to mind. Start by imagining that it's your last day, and your creative mind will give you plenty of ideas for stuff to do.

One note of caution: Do not tell off your boss! Remember, this is fantasy, not reality. You don't want to really make this your last day!

Franz Metcalf in Just Add Buddha!