All glory and honor to you, O God.
Inhale: Express your delight about being a child of God. Lift up your joy to God.

Not to me, but to you, O Holy One.
Exhale: Bending sideways, look to earth and point to heaven.

O Loving Spirit within me,
Inhale: Open your heart to receive the Spirit.

Teach me about faithful love.
Exhale: Bow down to the loving Spirit dwelling in your heart.

Let me delight in your radiance,
Inhale: Close your eyes, smile, and radiate God's love through your heart.

And never in the glitter of gold.
Exhale: Shake your head no to greed and covetousness.

May I hear nothing but your voice;
Inhale: Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your breath.

May I sense your presence in all.
Exhale: Be aware of the Divine Presence in you and in God's people.

May these hands and feet serve you,
Inhale: Offer your hands and feet to God for a blessing.

May my voice only sing your song.
Exhale: Soften your belly and listen to the sound of your breath.

Roy DeLeon in Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life