Whether you are married or single, moving your home can be life-altering. Even if you move within the same town, your patterns of driving, the stores where you shop, and the people you see regularly can all be subject to change. The farther away you move, the more difficult the transition.

Saying good-bye through ritual can affirm relationships on a heartfelt level by honoring the people who have meant the most to you. It can create room to release the emotions that may be rising and cresting as you take time to adjust, grieve, and let go. The rite helps to integrate changes with more ease. It gives you an opportunity to release and mitigate some of the stress, mourning the past and embracing the future. Look at the land around your home and share with those you live a story you recall about the outdoors of your home. With an imaginary spiral, circle into the house from outside. Then, starting with the front door, go from room to room and tell a story about something you remember from there. You might want to light a candle and walk together, or go arm in arm from room to room. You can say a prayer of thanksgiving for each room, or leave a flower on the windowsill as you say good-bye.

If you are moving in, you can burn sage and cedar in a shell or bowl in each room to clean out the energy of the people who were there before and bring in more love, respect, trust, or whatever you choose to bring into your new home. Be sure to include the children. Close with a prayer for the family or blessing of the house. If the energy in your new place is really negative, you may want to use salt mixed with water instead of sage and say prayers bringing in the archangels to stand at the four concerns of your house. They are Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, and Rafael.

Robin Hereens Lysne in Sacred Living