“The stories we have about ourselves can be so loud. That we are never good enough. Never beautiful enough. Never lovable enough. Never talented enough. The list goes on forever. But then we have a God who looks at us with love that feels implausible. Right? So let’s make God’s love for us feel a little more bearable and quiet the terrible voices for the moment.

“Reflection prompt: The heart-melting love of a parent for a child taking her first steps. The glistening eyes of a friend who hurts when you hurt. All the qualities of the best parent or friend or partner one could imagine, only better. That’s the love God has for you. Could you find divine love and other people’s love a little more bearable today? Try a simple exercise like accepting the next compliment you receive. Just say: 'Thank you. I needed that.' “

Kate Bowler in Have a Beautiful Terrible Day