This Tuesday is no ordinary Tuesday. It’s Super Tuesday, the day sixteen states and one territory have primaries.

However, given that we already have two presumptive nominees, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, voting on Tuesday may seem like an exercise in inevitability.

But it’s not.

Voting is not just about numbers or helping to determine a specific outcome. And it’s not just about the big ticket item of the Presidency.

Voting is an exercise of faith and a formal opportunity to declare the values we stand by.

Mary Ann Brussat writes that, every time she hears “someone say they don't see much point in voting,” she thinks of an ancient story about a horse learning to fly. “The truth is we don't ever really know what is going to happen. We don't know what will happen in a particular election or as a result of it. That horse could learn to fly.”

Click here to find out if the horse got his wings, and to see how voting can connect us with the 37 practices.

Hannah Arin designed a beautiful voting ritual to focus attention on the hand we use to vote. Each finger represents a part of the democratic whole. This ritual imbues the act of voting with meaning, inviting us to consider who we want to honor as we vote.

After Super Tuesday, there are still eight more months until the General Election, and surely lots of surprises ahead. We will be in your inbox each Monday with reflections and practices to sustain you on the journey.

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