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Leaving Room for the Unknown Ways to respond to children's questions when solutions are difficult.
Local Action Initiatives Recommendations for faith communities to get involved in community issues.
Research on Your Water Supply A suggestion for a children's research project on your water supply.
Big Things/Small Things Advice on helping children have perspective.
Terry Tempest Williams A profile with bibliography, quotes sampler, and lists of resources demonstrating the distinctive contribution to spirituality of Terry Tempest Williams, author, naturalist, and environmental activist…
Getting a Grip Frances Moore Lappe on fresh political approaches to finding meaning.
The Practice of Mirroring The practice of mirroring involving listening intently to someone whose views are different from your own.
Blood Drive, Eye Clinic, Lending Library Suggestions for using worship spaces for community service drives and events.
Thich Nhat Hanh in For a Future to Be Possible A good investment for peace in the future.
Volunteering Encouragement to engage children in the volunteer work of their choice.