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24 Weeks to Election Day: We Need to Talk
A story about a church struggling with Christian Nationalism.

25 Weeks to Election Day: The Personal and the Political
A reminder to tend to our personal, non-political needs as we worry about the national and international news.

26 Weeks to Election Day: Healing the Heartbreak of a Family Divided
How to deal and heal when political divisions affect your treasured relationships.

27 Weeks to Election Day: Sacred Resistance on the Campus Green
A plea to do better by our students as they practice their civil rights.

28 Weeks to Election Day: Inaugurating a Movement in New Haven
Takeaways from the Center for Public Theology and Public Policy Conference at Yale University, gathered to counter extremist forces opposed to democratic ideas like civil rights and the common good.

29 Weeks to Election Day: Brightening Up Tax Day with Gratitude and Dissent
A ritual for making meaning out of an often-dreaded responsibility.

30 Weeks to Election Day: Renouncing Racism in Local Politics
Finding collaboration, justice, and mercy in the messiness of a city council debacle.

31 Weeks to Election Day: Honoring the Earth
Reflections on U.S. National Parks, "America's best idea," to get us through the cruelest month and on towards summer days.

32 Weeks to Election Day: Noticing and Nurturing Micro-Democracies
How a visit to a dog park revealed people coming together for the common good.

33 Weeks to Election Day: Nurturing Right Relationship with Fear
Political fear-mongering as an opportunity to pause and get to know your body's response to this common emotion.

34 Weeks to Election Day: Practicing Fusion Politics with the Poor People's Campaign
Practices inspired by a movement that puts moral policies and people over party affiliation.

35 Weeks to Election Day: Reflections and spiritual practices for voting in the primaries⁠
Reframing voting as a sacred rite and an opportunity to believe that anything can happen when we use our agency.