And the chameleons like blankets
are lullabies in the sky,
the clouds are dreams
bestowed upon you.

The universe is a language
decoded in your system,
and you are made up of syllables
to poems.

A soulmate will understand your literature,
will heal your tear stained pages.
A soulmate will
read your poems
and converse in silence
with the pores
filled with your language.
This language will be born when
someone understands it.

Every little piece of your heart
is weaved with silver lining
in a cloud that has just finished weeping.
Your blood is flowing
from valleys
that are pregnant
with bloom.

You are made up of recovery, recovery
and purely discovery.

This is the human mind,
the human soul,
a mouth filled with
a wild and blooming garden,
flower seeds left aghast,
assortments of little
pleasures, wide and vast.
A work of art is etched,
every time you
collate your emotions,
drawing that gifted smile.

You are a human being,
you breathe like the forest.
Always full of the night,
wounded and in fright,
closed cocoon of the moon,
but you know how to take flight.

The sky is just a roof to you!
you are so much more than a wonder,
you are a line of God’s poem,
an expression to which
reality would surrender.
Within this line of your existence
is a metaphor,
that holds another poem,
a fragrant sustainer.

Mystery, mystery,
you are breathlessness
and a significant piece
of something
that will soon be history.

Originally published in KidSpirit Online for the Numbers & Symbols issue.

Niti Majethia wrote this poem in 10th grade and is from Mumbai, India.

Artwork by Swastika Jajoo created when she was 17 years old. She is from India.