As we discussed the Gospel of Mark and prepared to hold a peace vigil at the nuclear weapons test site, my friend said in passing that Jesus was "the great interrogator," "the one who asks questions."

I was stunned. What an amazing way to look at Jesus! I always thought that Jesus was the one with all the answers. But my friend held the opposite view. Jesus was the one with all the questions.

Someday, I said to myself, I must write down those questions of Jesus and begin the process of finding the answers. I thought if I could learn to listen to the questions themselves, I might better understand the One who asks them. . . .

One rainy day, I started writing my list of every question Jesus asks in the Gospels (except for the questions he asks within his parable stories).

The list went on and on. In the end, I found 307 questions.

John Dear, The Questions of Jesus